Album: Seether: One Cold Night
Street Date: July 11, 2006
Length: 58:08
Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Kristen

Before listening to One Cold Night, I had wondered if Seether could pull off a completely acoustic CD. Not due to lack of talent, but because of how heavy some of their songs are. Could Shaun Morgan's screams compliment a stripped down instrumental accompaniment? Songs such as (the 2002) Disclaimer's "Broken," sounded great acoustic, and even going back to the Saron Gas track "Tied My Hands," but would a song like "Remedy" translate well acoustically? The answer was quite clearly yes after listening to One Cold Night. The band sounds like a really tight unit, especially on the 'lighter' songs, but on the heavier ones as well. A breakdown of the songs is as follows:

1. Gasoline - One of my personal favorite Seether tracks. The guitars are perfectly played, as are the vocals perfectly performed. The now departed Pat Callahan and Shaun Morgan sounded great playing lead and rhythm guitars together, and you can really hear it here. This is the cleanest and best sounding acoustic version of this song I've heard yet.

2. Driven Under - Again, perfect instrumentation. For a modern rock band today, Seether definitely has the upper hand when it comes to instrumental talent. The percussion sounds flawless in this song, and is the best element in it, I believe. John Humphrey did an excellent job on this one. Also, Morgan's vocals sound like they were perfected in a studio and not sung live, they are that well executed.

3. Diseased - My personal favorite track off the CD. It just is ideal for an acoustic take it seems. The bass (played by Dale Stewart), the guitars and the drums come together perfectly and chug along seamlessly. Morgan also pulls off his signature growl/yell in this one. It's just a great song, really.

4. Truth - A hit song off Karma and Effect; "Truth" has this mellow intro here that adds a nice touch to it. They switched it up here, and it definitely works. For being ill while recording this CD, Shaun's vocals are again perfect.

5. Immortality - Possible single? That's the first thing I thought when I heard this song. I suppose after releasing "The Gift" off Karma and Effect though, it wouldn't be a likely choice. But, it has hit potential all over it. Lyrically this song is very interesting. Morgan really is a talented wordsmith, which is showcased in this song.

6. Tied My Hands - This is my favorite Seether song, and I had the highest hopes for this. Actually I was glad that this was on here because it was being released as a Seether song (and not a Saron Gas song) finally. With that said, it disappointed. I liked the different intro on "Truth," but the way they switched the instruments and vocals up on this one, it ruins the song. Shaun's phrasing and the tempo of the song don't seem to gel that well, and it just sounds awkward. The original had so much feeling and depth, which this just lacks. Instrumentally it's good, don't get me wrong, but I just wasn't feeling this remake at all.

7. Sympathetic - I was surprised to hear this song on this album. But, it's another Seether song that was perfect for an acoustic remake. I really enjoy the percussion on this song, it stands out. The song sounds better to me on this album than it did when it was originally released.

8. Fine Again - Seether's first big song and a great addition to this acoustic set. The new introduction is pleasant and adds a nice new feeling to an older song. The vocals on this are, again, perfect. I like the subtle differences the band made instrumentally on this one; it just adds a nice texture to it. Great remake and one of the standout tracks on the CD.

9. Broken - Not much different from the original version of this song, really. It was strange not to hear a female vocal in it, oddly enough. But it was good they stayed true to the original and just had only Shaun sing. It doesn't sound like the almost Evanescence-like remake they did with Amy Lee, and that's a good thing. I loved both versions of "Broken," but this one stayed true to the mellow closer that was on Disclaimer, and it was really nice to hear it that way again.

10. The Gift - There isn't much to say about this one. It's Seether's most recent hit song, and sounds great acoustic. And with it being so mellow to begin with, that isn't surprising. The lead guitar in this is played especially well though, and the background vocals sound really pleasing.

11. Remedy - To hear this sound so good acoustically is kind of, well, shocking. It isn't necessarily a Seether song that I'd want to hear this way, but good nonetheless. And an essential add to the CD, seeing that it was a hit for the band.

12. Plastic Man - This didn't need to be on One Cold Night. Perhaps that is me being biased, because I didn't enjoy this song on Karma and Effect either. In my opinion, a harder song like "Because of Me" could have been included instead, just to switch things around more. The song is performed well, but it's just a bland addition.

13. The Gift [Alternate Mix] - Usually I'd classify this under "filler," but it's so captivating that I cannot. It sounds a lot fuller than the Karma and Effect version, especially in the chorus. If you're a Seether fan, you will love this song. Even if you aren't, give it a listen, it might just change your mind.

Aside from the fact that a few more rare Seether songs could have been added to this album, it is overall a worthwhile purchase. If you base your opinion of Seether by what you hear on the radio and you don't like it, just listen to this and it will change your mind. This band is ultra talented and always delivers quality material, no matter what. And if you're a Seether fan, this is a must buy. I've read bad reviews of it, but upon hearing it, I think it's fantastic.

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